Personal Bests

All personal best catches were caught and boated fishing with Cape Town Fishing Charters

Garys Fish  Gary  Fourie's 88.50kg Yellowfin                                              


Steve Crowley PB Steve Crowley's 15kg Longfin
alt Ben's PB Yellowfin Tuna of 85kg's



Cansin's best Yellowfin Tuna of 65kg
 zaltin-longfin  Alitin's best Longfin Tuna of 13kg
 70kg_yellowfin  Ross's first and PB Yellowfin Tuna of 70kg
 Waynes_72kg_Yellowfin_tuna  Wayne's PB Yellowfin Tuna of 72kg
 Ants_first_yellowfin  Ant's fisrt and PB Yellowfin Tuna of 16kg
 Stephan_PB  Stephan's PB Yellowfin Tuna of 58kg on his 21st Birthday
 Yellowfin_Tuna_84kg  Ruben's magnificent PB Yellowfin Tuna of 84kg
 Yellowfin_Tuna_47kg_Thomas  Thomas's PB Yellowfin Tuna of 47kg
 Stephen_yellowfin  Stephen's first and PB Yellowfin Tuna of 69kg

 From left to right:

Gary with his 50kg Yellowfin Tuna PB BROKEN AGAIN WITH CTFC - SEE BELOW !

Jack with his 48kg Yellowfin Tuna

Mike with his 59kg Yellowfin Tuna PB BROKEN AGAIN WITH CTFC - SEE BELOW !

Andrew with his 45kg Yellowfin Tuna


Peter_snoek Peter with his first Cape Snoek of 3.8kg
Snoek_on_fly_3 Dell with is first and PB Cape Snoek on fly of 3.73kg
Snoek-Alexander All the way from Russia for his first Cape Snoek of 4.1kg - well done Alexander
Longfin-Billy A great fish and PB for Billy and with a longfin of 30,74kg
Richard_Levi_Yellowfin_Tuna Provincial cricketer Richard Levi with his PB Yellowfin Tuna of 70.05kg
Justin_Kemp_Yellowfin_Tuna Cobra's captain Justin Kemp with a PB Yellowfin Tuna of 61.7kg
Dane_Vilas_Yellowfin_Tuna Provincial cricketer Dane Vials with his PB Yellowfin Tuna of 57kg
Ant_82kg_1 Ant with his PB Yellowfin Tuna of 81kg - A great fight and great fish
Garry_61kg_1 Gary with his NEW PB with us of 61kg - a good Yellowfin Tuna !
Mike_65kg_1 Mike with his NEW PB with us - a great Yellowfin of 65kg



With the fish now well and truly settled in, it presents a GREAT opportunity to go target big Yellowfin Tuna , for many anglers that means putting a tick in the right box.

Often Anglers fish their whole life and can only dream of doing battle with one of the strongest fighting fish in the world’s oceans , that was certainly the case for Bradley a visitor from up country who was determined one day to tick the Yellowfin Tuna box and  “Cape Town Fishing Charters “  were expected to put him on that fish !

Running out to the deep across flat calm seas is always a pleasure , but running out to sea on a mission to catch a guy a big fish when you know darn well exactly where those fish are......, that is the best feeling in the world !

Approximately 4 hours after throwing the mooring lines Bradley was the proud owner of a 42kg Yellowfin Tuna , and needless to say the happiest angler on the ocean !

Chartering a boat, man alone is not a decision to take lightly but when it happens, and it does happen from time to time make sure you do it with          “Cape Town Fishing Charters”  because aboard Beluga you know we will do whatever it takes and go wherever we must go to catch YOU the client the fish you are looking for !



The Longfin and the Yellowfin Tuna are back in the Canyon in good numbers, Yellowfin up to 85kg's have been in the box in recent trips and the Longfin have been a respectable class of fish up to 30kg’s, great fish to catch on an Ashley Read mini half round with 15kg mono and a Saragossa 14000, I am referring to the Longfin off course !

We had the pleasure of taking another of our loyal guests out recently, a guy that needs no introduction to either the Longfin or the Yellowfin Tuna out there, needless to say with one of “ Cape Town Fishing Charters “  Tiagra 50w's loaded with 80lb tournament Ande strapped into his black magic Samson made short work of this 64kg bullet, 17 minutes to be exact ! Well done Sam, always a pleasure !


Sams YF  

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