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Saturday 10 March, 2012


ASFN Inshore Fishing Charter            


The premiere flighting of the ASFN inshore fishing program off Cape Point on beautiful calm waters with Andre and Carolien was shown last night at 19h30 on Channel 206 - SS6.

If you misssed it the replay times are the following: 

Today - Tuesday -  27th March at 14h00 -  Channel 206 - SS6

Wednesday - 28th March at 13h30  - Channel 206  - SS6

Thursday  -  29th March at 14h00 - Channel 206  -  SS6

Friday  -  30th March at 13h00  -  Channel 206  -  SS6

Saturday - 31st March at 07h30  -  Channel 205  -  SS5

What a great day out catching and releasing yellowtail!






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Monday 14 November, 2011


From our side, all that we can say is WOW!

Tuna Season so far has been a month for the record books in all spheres of tuna fishing in Cape Town. Starting off with the Two Oceans Tuna Derby held in Hout Bay which blew the minds of competitors and spectators alike with 5 fish tipping the scales at 90kg + and a winning fish of 95.7kg, a magnificent Yellowfin Tuna.

Cape Town Fishing Charters was right up in the mix, finishing off the tournamnet 6th overall out of the 31 entry boats and a wopper of a 90kg Yellowfin Tuna, we walked away heads high and proud to be apart of THE BEST SPORT in the world.

Following the Tuna Derby we continued our hot streak with half a dozen trips and ALL successful ones at that. Averaging 3 BIG Yellowfin Tuna and 8 Longfin Tuna per trip we can confidently say we live up to our name - "Cape Town's fishing professionals".

Just a few teasing pictures inserted alongside this entry of catches this month, we intend to keep your jaws dropping and imaginations running wild of the day we strap YOU into one of these monsters of the deep. Deep sea sports fishing is at its hottest in Cape Town, be apart of the fireworks when they fly aboard the best fishing platform and crew around - CAPE TOWN FISHING CHARTERS


Thursday 13 October, 2011



The time has arrived again for the annual Tuna Derby hosted by the Atlantic Boat Club (ABC) in Hout Bay. Sponsored by Two Oceans marine manufacturing, this year's competition is in line to be the best yet with prizes tipping the scales leaps further than previous years which included the chance to win boats and jet skis alongside many other fantastic prizes.

This year Cape Town Fishing Charters has given you the opportunity to take part in this prestigious event and be in line when that reel goes screaming to come off top angler and take the competition with the biggest fish!

The competition dates are from 31 October - 5 November with an opening and closing function hosted at the ABC. A window period of 5 fishing days have been allocated to allow for bad weather days. It is however possible to fish all five days in the event of good fishable weather.

So, that being said and the competition around the corner, contact us via the website or directly by telephone from the details on our contact page. We will fill you in on all the information you will need to fish with the professionals, Cape Town Fishing Charters.




Monday 22 August, 2011


Cape Town Fishing Charters:

Inside Info: Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson definitely had the right idea. While it may sound morbid, it is in fact quite the opposite. A list of things to do before you kick the proverbial bucket. The only thing they had wrong was that, while they certainly gave a good effort, they left off one major To-Do. FISHING. You see, like throwing yourself headfirst off a bridge attached only to a thin rope,  there is no comparable feeling to the complete and utter satisfaction of landing a fish with your very own hands. When patience pays off and you feel your rod going taught, the battle begins. And it is every man and fish for themselves. After tussling with a tuna or battling a Yellowtail on light tackle, there is no denying that these mystical sea creatures make for a formidable opponent.

 The lowdown: While fighting the fish, and ultimately coming out on top, will definitely prove to be the highlight of the day, Cape Town Fishing Charters make sure that the experience extends way beyond that. Beginning with a breathtaking view of the sun rising and peaking through the Cape Point mountains after leaving Hout Bay Harbour, and ending with a sneaky few cold ones back at the dock, it will be pretty hard to find anything else on your Bucket List to trump this memorable day. And the extremely acclaimed and passionate crew members will personally see to this. So, give us a call or drop us a mail so we can join eachother on a day of adventure, and if it is on your list of things to do well then there is no oher way to go than with the guys from Cape Town Fishing Charters who have adopted the slogan: "ALL WE DO IS FISH"


On the morning of the 17th May 2011 Captain Justin Kemp, Richard Levi and Dane Vilas joined Cape Town Fishing Charters on their second adventure offshore to battle the might yellowfin Tuna.

Setting out of Hout Bay on a still but cold morning, we experienced calm seas and no wind making the run out to the Tuna grounds a swift and pleasant one. Finding a large fleet of boats 35 nautical miles offshore, we lined up behind a small stern trawler as he was pulling his nets around us in search of the frantically feeding Yellowfin Tuna. It wasnt long before the first reel went screaming and first up was Dane Vilas on the fish. Successfully boating his fish after a grueling 25min fight, a beautiful, healthy and strong 57.4kg Yellowfin was brought aboard to make for a exctied team and one very happy angler.

Next on the reel was young Richard Levi, some time passed before the second reel screamed and definitely caught Richard by surprise. He battled his massive Yellowfin Tuna to the boat, but was unable to bring it the last few meters before the hook pulled and that fish got away. Keeping his chin up, Richard hooked up later that day entering a tough but clean fight. This time round he came out the victor boating a magnificent Yellowfin Tuna after 1 hour with a weight of 70.05kg.

Giving the youngsters a chance, the more experienced angler, Justin Kemp took the rod into his own hands last and showed his fellow team mates how to battle these fish. Justin boated two Yellowfin Tuna this day of 61,7kg and 51kg. What a fantastic feat!

Landing 6 big Yellowfin Tuna this day, we at Cape Town Fishing Charters pride ourselves in our ability and passion in fishing and the fish caught and testimonials produced are testiment to the quality we provide on our charters.

Nearing the end of the Tuna season in Cape Town, we urge you to book now to avoid disapointment. The quality of the fish taken at present is phenomenal and we want to put YOU into that fish of a life time! Cape Town Fishing Charters - "ALL WE DO IS FISH"


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With the fish now well and truly settled in, it presents a GREAT opportunity to go target big Yellowfin Tuna , for many anglers that means putting a tick in the right box.

Often Anglers fish their whole life and can only dream of doing battle with one of the strongest fighting fish in the world’s oceans , that was certainly the case for Bradley a visitor from up country who was determined one day to tick the Yellowfin Tuna box and  “Cape Town Fishing Charters “  were expected to put him on that fish !

Running out to the deep across flat calm seas is always a pleasure , but running out to sea on a mission to catch a guy a big fish when you know darn well exactly where those fish are......, that is the best feeling in the world !

Approximately 4 hours after throwing the mooring lines Bradley was the proud owner of a 42kg Yellowfin Tuna , and needless to say the happiest angler on the ocean !

Chartering a boat, man alone is not a decision to take lightly but when it happens, and it does happen from time to time make sure you do it with          “Cape Town Fishing Charters”  because aboard Beluga you know we will do whatever it takes and go wherever we must go to catch YOU the client the fish you are looking for !



The Longfin and the Yellowfin Tuna are back in the Canyon in good numbers, Yellowfin up to 85kg's have been in the box in recent trips and the Longfin have been a respectable class of fish up to 30kg’s, great fish to catch on an Ashley Read mini half round with 15kg mono and a Saragossa 14000, I am referring to the Longfin off course !

We had the pleasure of taking another of our loyal guests out recently, a guy that needs no introduction to either the Longfin or the Yellowfin Tuna out there, needless to say with one of “ Cape Town Fishing Charters “  Tiagra 50w's loaded with 80lb tournament Ande strapped into his black magic Samson made short work of this 64kg bullet, 17 minutes to be exact ! Well done Sam, always a pleasure !


Sams YF  

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