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Tuesday 17 April, 2012


 Friday the 13th was a Great day on the water !

Cape Town Fishing Charters” had the privilege of taking a 52ft luxury sportfisher into the deep, certainly a completely different kettle of fish to “Beluga“ our 28ft Magnum !

The weather forecast was once again spot on and we ran out in warm and muggy berg wind conditions, typical of the 8 – 10 knot North Easter that was present.

The fishing started of strong and a number of good size Longfin Tuna were soon on the deck, the biggest being a very respectable fish of 25.60kgs. Congratulations must go to Graham our guest from Zimbabwe that handled that fish extremely well !  Pics to follow!

As the morning drew to a close the fishing slowed somewhat, typical of what has been happening in previous weeks, this is a sure sign that the fish are still travelling and have not yet completely settled down to feed in the area .

The Yellowfin Tuna are now running late . . . . . . . . !   This week there is a strong South Easter forecast, this must surely bring the Yellowfin with it.   

 Let’s hope it does !

Life of Riley


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Friday 30 March, 2012





Last Wednesday CTFC headed out into the deep with Ben,our Kiwi guest on board.

The sea conditions had settled nicely after the strong south easter and we were left with a small swell and perhaps 6 - 8 knots of variable wind which made for smooth seas, the water temp had also dropped slightly from the previous trip .

 All looked good for an exciting day on the water !

 After an hour or so of trolling we saw our first piece of action, the two short deep diving Xraps screamed off and shortly thereafter Ben was holding his first South African Tuna, albeit a skipjack Tuna, it was a Tuna !

The fishing thereafter was a little bit " scratchy " but we did experience two more adrenalin filled flurries which saw fish being caught on both the spinning stix and the bait stix .

 Although the Yellowfin are still playing hide and seek the Longfin are evident in good numbers !

Once again the Tuna Grounds are looking exciting with lots of commercial Pole boats working the Longfin shoals hard whilst waiting for the inevitable ..............................


                                                               " The Arrival of The Mighty Yellowfin "



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Friday 23 March, 2012


Looks like this week end is going to be a complete " Blow out " for both Inshore and Offshore fishing , well certainly for the Charter boats running out of Hout Bay at least !

There is a 35 knot South Easter forecast for the whole of Saturday which will continue through into Sunday, late Sunday will see it swing into the East South East which suggests we should be back on the water Monday and Tuesday. If your intention is to fish this coming week Monday and Tuesday look like the days as Wednesday the South Easter kicks up again with a vengeance.

REMEMBER , the above is merely an indication of what is forecast at the moment , many years of reading the weather conditions for Offshore fishing purposes has taught me a number of rather tough lessons in the past.


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Cape Town Fishing Charters went out to the deep yesterday to have a “look-see”!

There is no better way to get a true reflection of exactly what is going on out there. The fact is there is no substitute for trolling lures and dropping baits if you really want to gather" proper Intel”!

"Beluga” cast of her mooring lines during the hours of darkness, with the intention of arriving in the Tuna grounds at first light, the sea and wind conditions were perfect and we set our first pattern just as the sun was rising over the hills of the Cape Point Reserve.

34.26 S / 18.11 E is where the water started to change from a murky green 13.6' degrees to a vibrant indigo blue of 20.60 degrees. Now we talking Tuna!

Within an hour or so of "lines in" we had five species of fish on board ,amongst the targeted Yellowfin and Longfin Tuna, we had a couple of over energetic" Skippies", two very nice Yellowtail and a Dorado that wasn’t much bigger than a fridge magnet . A GREAT start to a GREAT morning!

Although lots of fun was had, these fish were juvenile fish and other than the Yellowtail they were promptly released and sent packing with very strict instructions. . . . “go away and grow up “!

A late night phone call to one of Hout Bay's most respected commercial skippers yielded some " Intel " that I had to check out , apparently some very nice Longfin had been taken just on the edge of the Canyon the previous afternoon.

With a 15 mile steam ahead it seemed crazy to run over all this beautiful blue water that was teaming with juvenile game fish, so after a very brief discussion with my crew a decision was taken to drop the outriggers, switch the rods and set a pattern that would raise a Billfish. Stripe and black Marlin are plentiful in these warm waters at this time of year but that’s another story for another day.

The "Intel" was good and Longfin in the 12 - 15 kg class were actively feeding when we arrived two hours later, the bite was sporadic and one had to work hard to get the fish but by late afternoon there were a couple of good fish in the box and it was time to make the 44 mile trek back to Hout Bay.

Still to date this season I am yet to hear of any big Yellowfin being taken, there are plenty of the smaller class fish around and I am sure those 60 - 80 kg fish will turn up any day now.

Perfect timing as we now have less than a month to go before the 1st leg of the prestigious "Tuna Triple Challenge", so if BIG YELLOWFIN TUNA are YOUR target species get ready because their arrival is imminent.

All in all it was a very interesting day and certainly a day that is necessary if CTFC is going to uphold their unprecedented success rate of last season this coming season!


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Thursday 15 March, 2012


Tuna Triple Challenge


After a very successfull 1-day challenge hosted by The ABC last year featuring Hammies Challenge we have decided to make the Challenge over 3 days featuring the Tuna Triple Challenge.

There is now an opportunity to win Individual legs plus accumulate points over 3 x one-day challenges in an attempt to become the ultimate Tuna Triple Challenge winner!          

The Challenge Format is 1-days fishing on Saturday with Sunday a spare day in the event of weather.

Friday: Boat-Angler Registration/Skippers Briefing/Opening Function.      

Saturday (or Sunday) is Prize Giving and Closing Funtion.

Leg 1:  Hammies Challenge - 21 April 2012 

Leg 2:  The Lookout Deck Challenge  -  12 May 2012

Leg 3:  Big Bob's Challenge  -  19 May 2012

For more info call Steve on

076 7331 007


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With the fish now well and truly settled in, it presents a GREAT opportunity to go target big Yellowfin Tuna , for many anglers that means putting a tick in the right box.

Often Anglers fish their whole life and can only dream of doing battle with one of the strongest fighting fish in the world’s oceans , that was certainly the case for Bradley a visitor from up country who was determined one day to tick the Yellowfin Tuna box and  “Cape Town Fishing Charters “  were expected to put him on that fish !

Running out to the deep across flat calm seas is always a pleasure , but running out to sea on a mission to catch a guy a big fish when you know darn well exactly where those fish are......, that is the best feeling in the world !

Approximately 4 hours after throwing the mooring lines Bradley was the proud owner of a 42kg Yellowfin Tuna , and needless to say the happiest angler on the ocean !

Chartering a boat, man alone is not a decision to take lightly but when it happens, and it does happen from time to time make sure you do it with          “Cape Town Fishing Charters”  because aboard Beluga you know we will do whatever it takes and go wherever we must go to catch YOU the client the fish you are looking for !



The Longfin and the Yellowfin Tuna are back in the Canyon in good numbers, Yellowfin up to 85kg's have been in the box in recent trips and the Longfin have been a respectable class of fish up to 30kg’s, great fish to catch on an Ashley Read mini half round with 15kg mono and a Saragossa 14000, I am referring to the Longfin off course !

We had the pleasure of taking another of our loyal guests out recently, a guy that needs no introduction to either the Longfin or the Yellowfin Tuna out there, needless to say with one of “ Cape Town Fishing Charters “  Tiagra 50w's loaded with 80lb tournament Ande strapped into his black magic Samson made short work of this 64kg bullet, 17 minutes to be exact ! Well done Sam, always a pleasure !


Sams YF  

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