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Tuesday 2 October, 2012

The Snoek Season!


Catching Snoek

June 22th was the last time C.T.F.C ran into the deep in pursuit of  Tuna . . . . .  .

It has been a long winter , of that there is no doubt !

After a fantastic first half to the 2011 / 2012 season the second half of the Tuna season never really materialised into what we have become accustomed too down here in the Western Cape.

The 2010 / 2011 season was amazing with GREAT catches of Yellowfin and Longfin Tuna being made right into the middle of July. This past season it simply didn’t happen !

The Yellowfin disappeared mid-January which does happen periodically when that warm water rises to 22 – 23 degrees but they ALWAYS come back a month or so later and the second half of the season gets underway .

Thank you Neppy for sending the Longfin Tuna , without the huge shoals of Longfin that were evident in the second half of the season we would have certainly been in a spot of bother !

The winter months are pretty much dominated by high seas and North Westerly storms, the Offshore fishing grounds are not a place to be during  the winter months . The cold 14 – 15 degree green water chases all the target species to ground and the unpredictable weather patterns don’t make for good fishing at all.

However . . . .

We did experience a good run of Snoek this winter , the Cape Snoek is a fish similar in stature to a Barracuda that presents off our inshore reefs in HUGE numbers during the winter months.

With an average weight of 3 – 5 kgs and a mouth full of razor sharp teeth the Cape Snoek can be a formidable adversary when targeted on light tackle, the glint of a silvery fly will also break down any resistance to feed a Snoek may have .

The Snoek were apparent in such large numbers this winter the fish bins were often full by mid-morning . . . .  Great fun on a brisk wintery morning !

OCTOBER has now arrived and the first signs of good water have been spotted out on the Canyon , the C.T.F.C team will be running into the deep very soon to check out the conditions first hand . . . .

Keep yourself updated on C.T.F.C blog , because when those first reels start to scream YOU will be the first to know ! ! ! !




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Monday 25 June, 2012





                                         LONGFIN MARKING                                                                              QUALITY LONGFIN

Friday 22nd June was forecast as a good day on the water, a 2 meter swell with 8 – 10 knots of wind from the north, North West.

There were a few Longfin taken up in the West, earlier in the week, and these fish were just about within our range, it also seems the commercial fleet are slowly but surely working their way down from the north which was also a good indication that the fish are on the move!

Time to head out once again and see exactly what is on the menu!

Once again the Bouyweather forecast was spot on and apart from an early squall close to the current line the conditions were perfect.

Late morning had arrived before the action started but when it started it was” fast and furious “, a quadruple strike on the backlines opened the bidding and with just Joe and myself on board we had to box rather smartly to get these Longfin on the deck , but we did and it was a good class of fish as well .

After that initial strike the fish marked very nicely under the boat and we spent the rest of the afternoon battling Longfin Tuna on light spinning stix matched with Shimano Saragossa 14000 coffee grinders .

By the time our quota was full we had an average fish weight of 14.2 kgs with two very nice fish of 24kg and 27kgs respectively, a GREAT time was had by the father and son team.

Unfortunately the Yellowfin Tuna still have not made an appearance in any kind of decent numbers and soon enough we will have to except the daunting fact that maybe this year we will only see those fish after the winter storms . . . . . . ! (But we still have a couple of weeks and as I have said previously it can change overnight!)


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Monday 28 May, 2012

A.W.O.L !!


Now it has got to a stage where the “the word on the water “is kinda serious!

We have now almost reached the end of May and the Yellowfin have still   not made an appearance ........ ! (at time of going to print)

Other than a fish caught by Greg Grant about six weeks ago and that magnificent fish that the Border team caught in the Tuna Nationals there has been absolutely no other adult Yellowfin taken within forty miles of our coastline in the last 3 months as far as I know, and believe me ....  we would know.

The recreational guys have nothing to do at the week –ends, the commercial fleet have headed 150 miles north and the charter operators are just filling their order books for when the Yellowfin do eventually arrive!

All in all a very frustrating time for all!

However, being fishermen we are all born into the category of           eternal optimists and we know the present situation can change overnight..... LITERALLY!

On Saturday Cape Town Fishing Charters had the pleasure of fishing with the “Young Americans“ a group of young adventurers that simply had to tick the Tuna Fishing box, they did, and we came back with a brace of very respectable Longfin Tuna, one of 14kg and one of 15 kg’s!

The day was slow but the one flurry we experienced was worth waiting for, a single on the backlines and another on the spinning stick was about the lot, we had another good rev shortly afterwards but we just couldn’t make that fish “Vas “

We have about six weeks left until the season comes to an end, Neppy send a couple up for the boys....... Please!



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Thursday 17 May, 2012



This week saw the start of the 2012 Tuna Nationals, hosted by False Yacht Club.

The 7 teams that arrived from 7 different provinces around the country fished on Tuesday which was the first day of the tournament.

The fishing was reasonable with a good class of Longfin coming to the scales, the only Yellowfin that was weighed unfortunately didn’t make the 20kg minimum weight, it tipped the scale at          + - 19 kgs !

Although the fishing was not as productive as previous years after Day 1 there were some good signs, a couple of the teams even reported seeing a good class of Yellowfin in the chum line late in the afternoon .........” Tomorrow is another day”

The 7 eager teams left Simonstown Yacht basin in just about perfect conditions on Wednesday, Day 2 of the comp.  Fishing was once again “sluggish” to say the least with just a couple of Longfin being called in at the 11a.m “call-up“ !

However, there was an angler “ fighting fish “ !


On the boat “Whitchcraft “ which had the Border team on board, a Yellowfin had been hooked and the fight was going into the second hour of battle !

Clearly it was a good fish, and the battle would continue for many hours to come.

Fishing on 10kg line which is the specified line class in the Tuna Nationals , with a fighting drag of between 3.5 – 4 kgs the fight becomes more than just a muscle fight , it is a battle of focus , concentration and stamina like no other angling practised anywhere around the world today .

At 15h55 , five minutes before the initial “lines up” call Frank Scholtz , on the rod , presented his leaderman Gary Thompson with a magnificent          Yellowfin Tuna (Thunnus Albacores) !

6 HOURS after the “hook up” all that remained was to get the fish onboard and back to the False Bay Yacht club where a growing crowd was already gathering at the scales.

The fish tipped the scales at 106.80kgs (234.96 lbs.)

 A new I.G.F.A. WORLD RECORD for a Yellowfin Tuna caught on 10kg line.

 Congratulations go out to Dave Edgar, the skipper of “Whitchcraft” and team Border, Frank Scholtz (Cpt),  Kevin Bourke and Gary Thompson !

 Needless to say this magnificent specimen rocketed the Border team to the top of the leaderboard, and a step closer to that prestigious Gold Medal !

 Good luck to all the teams for the remaining days of fishing !



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Monday 23 April, 2012


This past Saturday Cape Town Fishing Charters made a tough weather call . . . . . !

Earlier in the week a rumour was doing the rounds that one of the Charter boats fishing out of Hout Bay had AT LAST found  the Yellowfin Tuna, not a lot, but none the less Yellowfin Tuna in the 60 – 65 Kg class.

This is the class of fish we have all been waiting for, besides it is long overdue and had to arrive sometime soon, so I was upbeat that this was more than a rumour and probably factual, but at Cape Town Fishing Charters we have a hard and fast rule, and it is as simple as this . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .“NO PHOTO NO FISH”!

Notwithstanding the fact that I had not seen the fish (or a photo of the fish) I could not let this rumour fizzle out without checking it out first hand!

The first leg of the “Tuna Triple Challenge“ had just been cancelled due to inclement weather, a South Easter in excess of twenty knots was forecast for the Saturday Morning, moderating slightly by afternoon but then returning with avengeance on the Sunday, so according to the “Buoy“ delaying the start of the challenge seemed to be obvious call !

However, I could not get the thought of the Yellowfin report out of my mind ...... !

I made a quick call to my hardy crew and a decision was taken to head out into the grounds to put this rumour to bed!

“Beluga” ran out in bumpy, even awkward seas initially but with the glass dropping conditions could only get better, and get better they did, by mid-morning we were fishing in 10 -12 knots of southerly breeze which made for calm seas and a good bite !

Once again the Longfin were around in decent numbers and although we had caught a number of juvenile Yellowfin there was still no sign of the “Big Boys”!

“Rumour or fact ........?" We will never know!

On the run back to Hout Bay the current line was evident at the 34.28 S / 18.07 E, a floating raft of kelp played safe haven for a huge shoal of Yellowtail,     a lot of sport was had aboard Beluga during the last couple of hours of daylight !

All in all, a GREAT day on the water!


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With the fish now well and truly settled in, it presents a GREAT opportunity to go target big Yellowfin Tuna , for many anglers that means putting a tick in the right box.

Often Anglers fish their whole life and can only dream of doing battle with one of the strongest fighting fish in the world’s oceans , that was certainly the case for Bradley a visitor from up country who was determined one day to tick the Yellowfin Tuna box and  “Cape Town Fishing Charters “  were expected to put him on that fish !

Running out to the deep across flat calm seas is always a pleasure , but running out to sea on a mission to catch a guy a big fish when you know darn well exactly where those fish are......, that is the best feeling in the world !

Approximately 4 hours after throwing the mooring lines Bradley was the proud owner of a 42kg Yellowfin Tuna , and needless to say the happiest angler on the ocean !

Chartering a boat, man alone is not a decision to take lightly but when it happens, and it does happen from time to time make sure you do it with          “Cape Town Fishing Charters”  because aboard Beluga you know we will do whatever it takes and go wherever we must go to catch YOU the client the fish you are looking for !



The Longfin and the Yellowfin Tuna are back in the Canyon in good numbers, Yellowfin up to 85kg's have been in the box in recent trips and the Longfin have been a respectable class of fish up to 30kg’s, great fish to catch on an Ashley Read mini half round with 15kg mono and a Saragossa 14000, I am referring to the Longfin off course !

We had the pleasure of taking another of our loyal guests out recently, a guy that needs no introduction to either the Longfin or the Yellowfin Tuna out there, needless to say with one of “ Cape Town Fishing Charters “  Tiagra 50w's loaded with 80lb tournament Ande strapped into his black magic Samson made short work of this 64kg bullet, 17 minutes to be exact ! Well done Sam, always a pleasure !


Sams YF  

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