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Tuesday 20 November, 2012


The shoaling Yellowfin have arrived !

 These are fish that range between 15 – 60 kgs , they arrive off our coast line usually around late September early October , this year they arrived late  . . . .  But they are here now in HUGE numbers !

The shoals have been spotted from the current line to the deep south, and the shoals are big !

It is impossible to estimate how many fish are holding in these shoals but when you witness them trashing the bait fish that they have driven up to the surface of the ocean it is a sight that will stay with you for many years to come.

Unlike the massive yellowfin that have been evident for the last five weeks or so these smaller shoaling fish are crashing surface lures and deep diving rapalas , double ups , treble ups and full house strikes are not uncommon when you pull the correct pattern through a surface feeding frenzy !

The Longfin Tuna have also turned up in good numbers !

 Congratulations go out to Wayne Fraser, he brought a 96.88kg Yellowfin Tuna to the scales earlier in the week whilst fishing with C.T.F.C aboard Beluga !

A personal best for Wayne.

He brought the fish alongside in less than 30 minute, well done Wayne !

 There was a certain amount of debate as to whether or not this fish may have reached the magical triple digit weight had the huge hake it was swallowing not been removed from its throat . . . . .  guess we will never know !


Phone Capt. Steve on  076 733 1 007 to secure your charter date before the December madness kicks in !



                                                                                    Steve Wilkens Charter - 97kg Yella



Written by Karen

Tuesday 13 November, 2012


“Best Derby Ever“

The 2012 Two Oceans Tuna Derby has now come to an end and the buzz around the marina and off course in the bar is quite simply “Best Derby Ever “

It was an exceptional event sponsored once again by Two Oceans Marine Manufacturing, clearly the market leader when it comes to building boats that attract fish ! ! !

The Derby was run by the dedicated staff of the “ Atlantic Boat Club “  that spend endless long hours to make this event arguably the best of its kind in the world.

Congratulations and thank you to Two Oceans Marine and the ABC !


The 30 or so boats that registered to fish this year enjoyed 3 days of GREAT weather and a class of Yellowfin Tuna that has not been seen before.

The boat Decadence took 10th place with a fish of 94.10 kgs . . . .  yes 10th place that is NOT a misprint, quite unbelievable that such a magnificent fish of over 94kgs can only scoop the 10th position.

The Winning fish was the 109.95 kg Yellowfin Tuna caught on the first day by Dave Christie on the vessel Obsession and just to show that that wasn’t a flash in the pan he backed it up with another 3 digit beauty of 102kgs to secure 2nd position as well.

Well done Dave !

The Monster Yellowfin are still out there and still on the bite , so if you are an angler that would like to stretch every muscle and dig deeper than ever before against one of these Ocean gladiators give me a call and Cape Town Fishing Charters will get YOU “ Strapped in “  !

(just for the record biggest fish CTFC weighed in the comp was a Yellowfin of 88.50kgs)


Thursday 8 November, 2012

Yellow Fever !!!

By Steve Potter

Tuesday 6th Nov was the opening fishing day of the” Two Oceans Tuna Derby 2012 “ !

Exceptional weather and sea conditions made the 40 nautical mile run to the “Tuna Hot spot “pass by in what seemed like the blink of an eye !

The 30 boats that had registered for this year’s derby had all done their homework and were heading out to just about the same place , an indigo blue stain in the ocean at the 40 and the 10 !   (40 and the 10 is abbreviated skippers jargon for the co-ordinates of 34.40.00 S latitude and 18.10.00 E longitude)

Traditionally the boats congregate in the bay and the ABC control station signals the mass start at 06h00.

This year was different, due to inclement weather being forecast for day 2, day 3 and possibly even day 4, the tournament committee decided to bring forward the start to 05h00 and extend the lines up call to 16h00, what an insightful decision that proved to be.

“Beluga “ arrived on the marks where the commercial long line vessels were preparing to haul their gear just about 2hours after leaving the bay , along with what seemed to be the other 29 boats all with the same plan . . . . wait for the longliners to start hauling then drop the drift baits in the natural hake and kingklip chum line that the commercials kindly create for the eager Tuna fishermen.

Needless to say the jockeying around for the “best position “on the stern of the long liners was sure to be competitive at best.

In the recent past just about all the Yellowfin Tuna that had been taken had been taken using this extremely effective method of bait fishing, so after an hour or so of pulling backlines without a strike I submitted to the urge and steamed in to join the” bun fight “!

3 or 4 bait drops later the Tiagra 50w that was being stripped on the starboard bow started to scream, it was screaming louder than a scolded cat, and it wasn’t going to quieten down anytime soon!

Gary Fourie, a loyal guest to C.T.F.C. was the designated angler that took the rod from the gunwale and promptly strapped into an unstoppable steam train, the 300 meter mono topshot was gone in an instant and now the 80lb Cortland dacron was also wearing a bit thin, eventually the fish slowed down to a halt and it was time for Gazza to join in this one sided tug- o -war !

An epic battle ensued and after a lot of sweat and almost tears the bimini broke the surface of the water and the fish was safely leadered alongside !

At the scale Gary’s fish weighed in at 88.50 kgs, almost anywhere in the world that would be a tournament winning fish . . . . but not in Hout bay !

After day one team Beluga are on the leader board with the 3rd biggest fish of the day behind a good fish in the 90,s and a magnificent specimen of 109.95kgs !

With only 1 possibly 2 more days left to fish the Two Oceans Tuna Derby 2012 it is once again going to go to a nail-biting finish at the scales on the final day

Saturday is the final fishing day and at this moment in time the weather looks good , so why not take a trip down to the Atlantic Boat Club in Hout bay and experience first hand the “ gees “ and comraderie that a world class tournament of this nature generates !


                 GARY FOURIE AFTER THE EPIC BATTLE                                              GARY'S 88.50kg YELLOWFIN TUNA           

Gary Fourie   Garys Fish   



Written by Karen

Wednesday 31 October, 2012


Thursday 25th October at 06h30 we cast of our mooring lines to venture into the deep in pursuit of what has now become regarded as the “ Elusive Yellowfin Tuna “

Expectations were high as the Yellowfin had made a guest appearance earlier in the week, those fish being the first Yellowfin to be caught since that magnificent world record fish of 106kgs which was caught in the Tuna Nationals on 10kg line back in May 2012.

The morning was still with a flat calm sea and very little swell, a perfect morning.
My waypoint had been set and I was scheduled to reach the Tuna grounds in little over 90 minutes.

Exactly 4 months and 3 days had now passed since CTFC had made a run to the deep , it is a long long time for a team that live , breath and sleep Tuna fishing , but now it was time , time to set a pattern that would bring those Yellabellies up from the depths and onto the surface . ,

Our 3 Guests from the Congo were upbeat and excited as the word came over channel 71 “ just dropped a fish alongside “, one of the boats in the area had been fighting a fish and dropped it at the boat.

This was big news for the crew on Beluga, it meant so much more than simply a dropped fish, it meant the fish that had made an appearance earlier in the week had stayed around and even better we were only a mile or two away from them.

We were still pulling backlines when an unmistakable mark scrolled across the screen of the echo sounder, it was Yellowfin Tuna 30 meters below the boat, the modus operandi was changed immediately and 10 or so minutes later Emmanuel was strapped into a fish that was peeling line of the newly spooled Tiagra 80 at a rate of knots that had everyone on board mesmerised  !

One hour and twenty seven minutes later Joe set a perfect head gaff and the fish was lifted over the side, it was a good fish but there was no time to ponder, during the initial battle a second fish had hooked and priority was to land both fish of the” double up “ ! 

We continued to fish that drift for a further 3 hours or so and boated 2 more Yellas and a couple of very respectable Longfin to add to the tally.

Well done to father and son team of Emmanuel and “Pops” whom each boated their personal best Yellowfin Tuna of 92.66kgs and 78.62kgs respectfully !

All in all it was a GREAT day on the water and an absolute pleasure to share it with such wonderful people.


The Tuna are back and it’s time to fish,  so remember when choosing a charter operator choose Cape Town Fishing Charters !  . . . .            “ALL WE DO IS FISH “


Written by Karen

Friday 19 October, 2012



The wait is finally over . . . . . . 

The Tuna have arrived, as predicted the Yellowfin and Longfin followed the South Easter and have arrived in the Canyon ! !

The early impression is that the Yellowfin appear to be a big class of fish , the biggest of which caught to date was a Great Fish of 96kg,s which was brought to the scales yesterday 18 / 10 / 12  by Capt. Dave on the Charter boat Obsession !

Well done Dave!

The South Easter is going to be with us through the week end and into the first half of next week but then the water will settle down somewhat and the  “Bite“ is on !

So if you are keen to “ Strap In “  to one of these amazing fish give me a call and we will get you on the water !

Cape Town Fishing Charters still has a space for a team to fish ONE day in the prestigious “ Two Oceans Tuna Derby “ the available date is Friday 9th November, so if you would like to be involved in what has clearly become South Africa’s finest Tuna tournament get a team together and give me a call !


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With the fish now well and truly settled in, it presents a GREAT opportunity to go target big Yellowfin Tuna , for many anglers that means putting a tick in the right box.

Often Anglers fish their whole life and can only dream of doing battle with one of the strongest fighting fish in the world’s oceans , that was certainly the case for Bradley a visitor from up country who was determined one day to tick the Yellowfin Tuna box and  “Cape Town Fishing Charters “  were expected to put him on that fish !

Running out to the deep across flat calm seas is always a pleasure , but running out to sea on a mission to catch a guy a big fish when you know darn well exactly where those fish are......, that is the best feeling in the world !

Approximately 4 hours after throwing the mooring lines Bradley was the proud owner of a 42kg Yellowfin Tuna , and needless to say the happiest angler on the ocean !

Chartering a boat, man alone is not a decision to take lightly but when it happens, and it does happen from time to time make sure you do it with          “Cape Town Fishing Charters”  because aboard Beluga you know we will do whatever it takes and go wherever we must go to catch YOU the client the fish you are looking for !



The Longfin and the Yellowfin Tuna are back in the Canyon in good numbers, Yellowfin up to 85kg's have been in the box in recent trips and the Longfin have been a respectable class of fish up to 30kg’s, great fish to catch on an Ashley Read mini half round with 15kg mono and a Saragossa 14000, I am referring to the Longfin off course !

We had the pleasure of taking another of our loyal guests out recently, a guy that needs no introduction to either the Longfin or the Yellowfin Tuna out there, needless to say with one of “ Cape Town Fishing Charters “  Tiagra 50w's loaded with 80lb tournament Ande strapped into his black magic Samson made short work of this 64kg bullet, 17 minutes to be exact ! Well done Sam, always a pleasure !


Sams YF  

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